A number of Arabic and Urdu words have been introduced into Dhivehi in recent decades, and Arabic has recently being introduced up to grade 7 in some schools – with plans to make expand into all schools. Young people are now seeing both Arabic and English as equally foreign languages.

“This generation don’t understand the Arabic, so they are mixing English. When they use English, the elders are saying ‘why are you destroying the language’, but the young people respond, ‘why did you mix with Arabic and Hindi’?”

The parlance of paradise: Preserving the Maldivian language

By Daniel Bosley

As the years passed, people complained that the gulha and kavabu were getting smaller and smaller - perhaps an indication of the country’s difficult economic situation

Eating on the islands 

As times have changed, so has the Maldives’ unique cuisine and culture by Xavier Romero-Frias