• me:f***er I left in your gchat
  • your history is off
  • maybe you should enable history for gchat
  • you:because you talk too sensitive stuff
  • den deebala
  • mihaaru mashah file elihje
  • muli duvahu ulegen
  • extract ves kohffin
  • i need to get this out of my fucking system
  • me:theme nujehay extract kuraakah
  • balaaehnu
  • you:eythi inee zip kohfaey
  • den bunebala login username
  • me:4Kay nukiya
  • you:den bunebala
  • kihineh ehen noonee mihah login kuraanee
  • amaa muki tha m ee
  • you:den kaley bunaa $50 dollar bodey
  • eh ahvureh mikan maa balaa bodennu
  • me:kaleyge rundi kamunnu
  • you:kaley thee user name hedi meehaa
  • kalayah hedey ehceh neygenee tha
  • me:bala ma eythi dhineemay kaleah
  • you:keeve tha password are user name eked email nukuree
  • google hangout ga
  • you:password email ga
  • username sirun kanfai buduga
  • you:kae maa gaddavefa history off kuraathee neyngigen thiulheni
  • me:password aai username ekeega nufonuvan vegen


Snøhetta    |    http://snohetta.com

"The Central Bank of Norway announced on October 7 two winner proposals for the design of the new banknotes. Snøhetta’s design will be the foundation for the backsides of the notes, while The Metric System’s design will be the starting point for the fronts.

When contrasts come together, as when soft meets hard or digital meets analog, a dynamic is created. Our cubical pattern first of all represents pixels; our times visual language. Secondly, it represents mosaic; surface décor put together by different materials of different colors which together create a picture. The cubical pattern constructs the coast, the horizon, and the motive; just as we humans construct our societies on the coast. We have chosen black and white photos to enhance the colors of the cubical pattern, as well as to complement the Norwegian style and tone. The pictures contrast the rational system, and have motives with both direct and indirect storytelling.

Our goal is to bring people into creating their own interpretations and associations. You will never know exactly what or how, but the design invites you into the beauty of boundaries – the transition between digital and analog, soft and hard – a dynamic that creates tension and life; just as the boundaries of our coast. ”

Snøhetta Design is a award winning, transdisciplinary brand design agency incorporated within the Snøhetta offices in Oslo and New York. Snøhetta Design clients have projects integrated with Snøhetta Architecture or without any relation to architecture. Our work, regardless of graphic design, interior, landscape or architecture, are projects where we nurture concepts.

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